WT5001M02 MP3 modul med 1W forstærker

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Product description:

WT5001M03-28P is a self-contained SPI-FLASH storage medium as a MP3 player, support wav and MP3 file, MP3 professional quality, bring a watt power amplifier; with download online and offline SD card file copy; support for RS232 serial control, support extended SD cards and U disk playback function, has the unique music into play function. Can be flexibly applied to speech explaining such a wide variety of applications. Can be customized for the development of a variety of features.

WT5001M02-28P module can be applied in the automotive electronics (anti-theft alarm, reversing radar, GPS navigation systems, electronic dog, central locking), smart home systems, home burglar alarm, medical equipment human voice prompt, personalized voice player, home appliances (induction cooker, electric cooker, microwave), entertainment facilities (amusement machine, voice advertising), learning model (Zaojiao,, Children’s audiobooks), intelligent transportation equipment (bus-stop, parking systems), industrial control field (elevator, industrial equipment), toys and other fields. Good for: voice or longer need to be replaced, the sound quality requirements of the occasion.
Product Features:
high-quality audio output, can then 1W8 speaker;
with the BUSY output terminal;
supports wav, mp3 format;
With real-time clock and calendar clock module function;
SPI interface, support for SPI-FLASH online download;
an ADC key interface, supports five standard MP3 function keys;
With a special function keys, each time you press play the next song, and the song cycle current track, press and copy the contents of the TF card to FLASH;
RS232 communication via the serial port or analog serial control;
with a TF card socket, support TF card player;
with USB interface pins, support U disk player;
TF card or U disk support offline copy content to the SPI-Flash can by setting iSound.mp3 file copy change the power-play mode;
Control playback, fast response, better than similar products;
a long time stability, anti-interference ability.
Module Model
Operating voltage
Operating Temperature
TF card: 128MB to 32GB
36.1mm * 19.7mm
-30 To +75 C
1. DATA16
2. NC
3. DATA17
4. DATA18
5. DATA19
6. NC
8. AL
9. R. Out
10. L. Out
11. SPI_DI
12. SPI_DO
14. GND
16. TXD
17. RXD
18. DATA22
20. VCC 3.3V
21. BUSY
22. VDD 5.0V
23. NC
24. DATA14
25. D- USB
26. D+ USB
27. GND
28. +5V USB

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