USB til TTL seriel 3,3V & 5V FTDI

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USB til TTL seriel 3,3V & 5V FTDI

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This is a breakout board for popular FTDI USB to UART IC (FT232RL). It allows you to use your PC to communicate with and power your project for up to 500mA (5V) and 50mA (3.3V). There are two options for communicating:

1) Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers for RS-232 style serial ports.
2) Special Dynamic Link Library (DLL) to directly control access to the USB device and pin I/O

Both options are free from FTDI

The jumper on the board allows you to quickly change the logic levels (3.3V or 5V). It is breadboard friendly (0.1″ spacing). All pins are labeled for ease of use. Two LEDs telling you the status of RX (red), TX (green).

Datasheet (including driver description)


• Implements full v2.0 USB protocol
• Needs no external crystal
• 14 I/O lines for use with RS-232, bit-bang, or special function modes
• Provides USB Bus power of 5V up to 500mA and regulated 3.3V up to 50mA
• LED status indicatiors RX (red), TX (green)
• Ferrite bead for in rush current protection
• Easy logic level selection jumper
• Breadboard friendly

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