MQ-4 Methan gas sensor

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Analog gas Methan sensor i området 200-10000ppm CH4


  • High sensitivity to CH4,
  • Natural gas.Small sensitivity to alcohol, smoke.
  • Fast response (after heat on)
  • Simple drive circuit

Used for gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of
CH4,Natural gas.LNG, avoiding the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smoke.


Working conditions

  • Vc Circuit voltage 5V±0.1 AC OR DC
  • VH Heating voltage 5V±0.1 AC OR DC
  • PL Load resistance 20KΩ
  • RH Heater resistance 33Ω±5% Room Tem
  • PH Heating consumption less than 750mw

Environment condition

  • Operating temperature -10℃-50℃
  • Storage Tem -20℃-70℃
  • RH Related humidity less than 95%Rh
  • O2 Oxygen concentration 21% (standard condition) – note Concentration of Oxygen may affect sensitivity
    minimum value is > 2%

Sensitivity characteristic

  • Sensing Resistance 10KΩ- 60KΩ (1000ppm CH4 )
  • Concentration slope rate ≤0.6 Standard detecting condition
  • Temp: 20℃ ±2℃  Vc:5V ±0.1
  • Humidity: 65% ±5% Vh: 5V ±0.1
  • Preheat time Over 24 hour
  • Detecting concentration scope: 200-10000ppm CH4 , natural gas

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