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LCD1602 2×16 karakterer LCD (Sort/Grøn)

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Standard 16X2 character LCD module (backlight: Green/yellow)
1602 with standard 16 pin connector, including:
Pin 1: VSS is in power
Pin 2: VDD 5V positive power supply connection
Pin 3: V0 LCD contrast adjustment for the client, then the contrast is the weakest power, ground power the highest contrast, the contrast is too high will have a “ghosting”, when used with a 10K potentiometer to adjust contrast
Pin 4: RS for the register selection, the selection of data register high, low, select the instruction register.
Pin 5: R / W to read and write signal lines, when high read, low write. When the RS and RW can be written together for the low level command or display the address, when RS is high, low RW can be read busy signal, when RS is low for the high RW can write data.
Pin 6: E side to side to make, when E Duanyou high jump into a low, the LCD module execute the command.
Pin 7 to 14: D0 ~ D7 for the 8-bit bidirectional data line.
Pin 15 feet: Backlight positive supply
Pin 16 feet: Backlight negative supply

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