1.3″ OLED 128×64 display SPI. Blå skrift

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1.3″ OLED 128×64 display SPI. Hvid skrift

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1.Size:  1.3 inch
2.High resolution: 128 * 64
3.Color:  White
4.Viewing angle:  > 160 °
5.Driver IC:  SSD1106 (kompatibel med SSD1306)
6.Working temperature -30  celcius ~ 80  celcius
7.Module volume (generous):  32.0MM * 35.50MM * 4.1MM
8.Supports many control chip Fully compatible with Arduino, 51 series, MSP430 series, STM32/2, CSR chip, etc.  (a lot of routines for reference)
9.Wide voltage support: without any modification, directly supports 3.3V ~ 5V DC
10.Ultra-low power consumption: Normal operation Is 0.04W
11.IO occupying less: using SPI communication mode, up to as long as 4 IO port can drive

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